Don’t make more excuses, be ready for hardwork.

‚ÄčUnsuccessful people are inflected by a harmful disease. This disease is –to make excuses. The biggest difference between a successful and unsuccessful person is to make excuses. The person which is more successful, ¬†make less excuses. But unsuccessful person always tells why they could not do the something or why couldn’t they want to do or why are they unsuccessful.

You will always find the unsuccessful person by saying that they do not get chance otherwise they could do this or that. They always loose the opportunity when they get and after that they start to make excuses.

Some excuses that people make :

Excuse 1 :

My height is short otherwise I would be a army commander.

Excuse 2 :

My age is less.

Excuse 3 :

I am too old.

Excuse 4 :

I am handicapped. I am sick.

Excuse 5 :

Fortune does not favour me.

Excuse 6 :

I am not well educated.
Excuse 7 :

I am not beautiful.

Excuse 8 :

I have no time .

Excuse 9 :

I am financially poor.

Excuse 10 :

Maybe! I have opportunity.

If you make excuses like above then your excuses have these answers.

  1. Adolf Hitler was a good commander. Do you know his height? He was just 5 feet long.
  2. Akbar the great became emperor at the age of 12.
  3. Thomas Alva Edison invented phonograph at age of 67.
  4. American president Roosevelt was handicapped by both of his feet. He never made excuse of his disability.
  5. Thomas Edison failed more than 10 thousand times during making bulb. 10 thousand time fortune did not favour him.
  6. American president Towman never make excuse of his less education. Thomas Alva Edison was stuck off from school. His teacher told him brainless child and he never learn. He went school for 3 months only.
  7. Indian veteran actor Om Puri have chickenpox scars on his face but he do a lots of films.
  8. Newton and Einstein had time 24 hours. You also have same hours in day. Use time smartly.
  9. Former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam was from a poor family but became a scientist and president of India.
  10. Opportunity is not given, it is created.

So, stop to make excuses and do hard work . And then success will follow you .